Under floor heating manifolds


MULTIKAL is the single moulded manifold made by Onda Therm; the idea of this product was born in the early 90s.The manifold is studied (and produced) for underfloor heating and cooling systems. The supply segment is equipped with a flow meter regulator valve. By means of this regulator valve, every circuit flow rates can be regulated at the desired value with precision. When necessary, this valve allows hermetic closing of single circuits. The return segment is equipped with built-in-shut-off. valves. The valves have been designed for application with electro-thermal control. The manifold is full of a special inlet group including ball valve, thermometer and drain valve. Multikal manifold is easy to install in small spaces (box with 80 mm. depth) thanks to its extremely size.

Technical data
Max percentage of glycol 50%
Standard working pressure 1,5÷2,5
Max working pressure 6 bar
Test pressure 8 bar
Temperature range 4°÷70°C
Gaskets EPDM
Manifold connection 1”F
Outlets connection 3/4”M Eurocone
Centers distance 45 mm
Box depth 80 mm
Multikal consists of:
  • one supply manifold with flow meters (scale 0/5 lit/min), air vent, 1” ball valve with thermometer and drain valve
  • one return manifold with shut-off valves, air vent, 1” ball valve with thermometer and drain valve. It’s suitable for actuators with 30 x 1,5 mm
  • pair of mounting plastic brackets

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