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ONDA THERM is a manufacturer of plastic manifolds for under floor heating and geothermal systems; it’s located in the italian manufacturing heartland.
In Valduggia’s plant there are all the manifolds assembling lines, the commercial and technical offices.
The headquarter is located in Telgate (Bergamo area) where there are the administration department and the moulding machines division.

All the project that comes from us or from our customers are implemented internally in our technical department taking the requirements of the individual plastic material into account; all the required injection moulds are manufactured in our own mould making division.
We manufacture all the technical plastic parts on our 17 injection moulding machines

ONDA is committed daily to meet the growing demand of the thermohydraulic industry by providing collectors with high quality standards according to ISO 9001.

The dynamic and flexible structure allows the company to distribute its range of products worldwide through its network of distributors. Over the years, Onda Therm has developed a series of international relationships that soon became real partnerships. Currently Onda Therm is present on the main European and American markets.

With a proven experience of over 25 years in the production of collectors, Onda is the ideal partner for every company in the field of underfloor heating and in the field of geothermal probes.



First polymeric manifold for radiant panels.


First polymeric manifold for sanitary use.

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