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Manifolds for
radiant systems.

Discover the range of products reserved for radiant systems.


The manifolds for heating and cooling are today the most suitable solution for the new construction techniques in the field of civil construction. Today's radiant systems can diffuse heat not only from the floor but also from the ceiling rather than from the walls.

The technological evolution of the last 20 years has allowed our company to develop a wide range of manifolds for polymeric heating and cooling, for floor, ceiling and wall.

The collector for heating is the heart of every system and has the task of guaranteeing:
- balanced flows of the convector fluid;
- low pressure drops;
- possibility to independently regulate the temperature in each room;
- low heat losses;
- absence of condensation (in the case of cooling).

For these reasons our company at the end of the 1980s decided to produce modular heating manifolds in plastic material in order to optimize the thermal output of radiant systems.

Today  Onda Therm   has a wide range of modular and monobloc manifolds for radiant systems in different diameters (1 ", 1 ¼", 1 ½ "and 2") .

The collectors for radiant systems are distinguished according to the type of heat generator present:

  • manifolds for civil use (EUROKAL, FLOORMATIC CEILING, KUBO 50, BYCALOR 45/50, MULTIKAL, INOXRAD) and manifolds for industrial use (INDUKLIMA and KOMBI 65) in the case of condensing boilers or heat pumps (low heat sources temperature);

  • mixed units (INTEGRALSYSTEM) in the case of traditional boilers, wood / pellet boilers, solar thermal, etc. (high temperature heat sources).

Radiant floors, civil use

Kubo 50 SM(sostituire).JPG

Kubo 50

The new 1 ”modular manifold in technopolymer for radiant floor heating and cooling systems.



A monobloc manifold produced by Onda Therm, born from a previous product of the early 90s.



The main modular plastic manifold produced by Onda Therm for underfloor heating and cooling systems.



The new 1 ”stainless steel (AISI 304) manifold for radiant floor heating systems.


Bycalor 45/50

A compact modular Onda manifold for underfloor heating / cooling systems.


Integral System

Onda Therm mixing unit for radiant systems that contemplate the use of the high temperature of the water from the primary circuit.



A monobloc manifold produced by Onda Therm, born from a previous product of the early 90s.

Radiant ceilings, civil use

Floormatic Ceiling

Floormatic Ceiling

The new version of the Floormatic manifold, specifically designed for radiant ceiling systems.

Industrial use


Kombi 65

A delivery manifold complete with flowmeters (scale 4-20 lit / min), air vent valve, drain cock and thermometer.



A manually operated 2 ”modular manifold, complete with automatic air vent valves, fill / drain cocks, wall anchoring brackets and thermometers.

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