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Manifolds for
fan coil systems.

Discover the range of products reserved for fan coil systems.


The need to have a new line of manifolds dedicated to fan coil systems arose in recent years, thanks to the growth that this type of system has had in the service industry and in some areas of southern Europe.

What are the advantages of a fancoil system?

  • possibility of feeding with low temperature water. Compared to radiators, the most interesting aspects are:

  1. high cooling performance during the summer season

  2. possibility of regulating the room temperature both by acting on the water and on the speed of the air.

  • possibility of placing the terminals in countertops or walls, and being channeled to create a thermo-ventilation system.

  • from an energy point of view ithe system is powered by water at a rather low temperature (40 - 50 ° C) and therefore fancoils are coupled with condensing boilers, heat pumps and with the use of solar energy.

Brass or stainless steel manifolds are often used to connect the various units, often with inappropriate accessories  designed for other applications ((flowmeters dedicated to radiant systems, lockshields…) 

In 2016 ONDA THERM launched on the market two polymeric manifolds, expressly designed to connect fan coils: FANTHERM AND KUBO 50 FC.



The 1 ”Onda manifold, designed and produced to connect systems to fan coils.



The new Onda manifold designed to connect systems to fan coils, unique of its kind.

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