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Magnetic Filter

F71 is the new magnetic defangator designed specifically for radiant systems, to be housed directly on the return manifold.



F71 is the new magnetic dirt separator designed specifically for radiant systems, to be housed directly on the return manifold; the combined action of a magnet and a filter allow you to separate the impurities present in the water; laboratory tests have shown the particular effectiveness against ferrous particles, often resulting from radiators connected to the low temperature system. After the simple removal of the magnet, the residues can be easily removed through the special drain valve. The small size of F71 allows installation with any manifold, even in a box, with a minimum depth of 80 mm.


  • Extremely compact product, specifically designed to be installed with any type of manifold for radiant systems (depth 80 mm.)

  • Drain valve to easily eliminate intercepted residues without having to act on the entire system

  • Constant Kv and irrelevant pressure drops 

  • Easily removable for cleaning in all its parts

  • Immediate extraction of the magnet from its body

  • Centrifugal and cyclonic operation that allows impurities to concentrate on the magnet and on the external walls of the dirt separator.


Inlet connection
1" F
Outlet connection
1" F
Drain valve connection
1/2" F
Stop rings
Lock plate nut
Plate o-ring
REN 35 B 11.500 Gauss
Rete R4x2 Filtrazione 1200 μm
Operating temperature
Fluid for use
water, water + glycol (max 50%)
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