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Integral System

Onda Therm mixing unit for radiant systems contemplating the use of high water temperature from the primary circuit.


INTEGRAL SYSTEM is the Onda Therm control unit suitable for all the projects that combining floor heating (low temperature fluid) with radiators (hight temperature fluid). Temperature is controlled by actuator (or thermostatic valve with sensor) on a three port valve. This mixing unit is suitable with all Onda Therm manifolds.


Integralsystem consists of:

  • One complete Onda Therm manifold suitable for under floor heating systems.

  • One complete Onda Therm manifold (2 + 2) suitable for radiators connections, including by-pass.

  • Two double main ball valves.

  • One safety thermostat.

  • One three port valve.

  • One servomotor (or thermostatic valve with sensor for the economic version).

  • One check valve.

  • One Wilo Yonos Para RS25/7 pump.



Max percentage of glycol


Standard working pressure

1,5÷2,5 bar

Maximum working pressure

6 bar

Test pressure

8 bar

Temperature range

2÷80 °C

Unit connections

3/4" M


3/4" M Eurocono

Outlets connection
It depends on the type of manifold  used
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