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A manually operated 2" modular manifold, complete with automatic air vent valves, load/unload taps, wall anchor brackets and thermometers.


INDUKLIMA is a 2” manual control modular manifold complete with automatic air vent blocks, drain valves, wall anchoring brackets and thermometers. Each single circuit can be closed thanks to a  built-in shut-off valve. It’s suitable for all the large-sized radiant panel installations. The 1” connection is suitable with Onda fitting for 25 x 2,3 mm pex pipe.

INDUKLIMA consists of two manifolds (supply + return) including:

  • Air vents

  • Drain valves

  • Thermometers

  • Pair of mounting iron brackets



Max percentage of glycol
Standard working pressure
1,5÷2,5 bar
Maximum operating pressure
6 bar
Test pressure
8 bar
Temperature range
4÷70 °C
Manifold connection
2" F
Outlets connection
1" M
Centers distance
75 mm
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