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The leading modular plastic manifold manufactured by Onda Therm for underfloor heating and cooling systems.


EUROKAL is the main modular plastic manifold manufactured by Onda Therm for under floor heating and cooling. Modular blocks design minimizes pressure drops and allows for manifolds up to 16 outlets. It’s the more flexible manifold for radiant heating in the market, considering the big range of flow meters at disposition to the customer.

EUROKAL is the professional choice to show value and system performance.

Eurokal consists of:

  • one supply manifold with flow meters (scale 0/5 lit/min - standard), air vent, drain valve and thermometer

  • one return manifold with shut-off valves, air vent, drain valve and thermometer. It’s suitable for actuators with 30 x 1,5 mm thread

  • pair of mounting plastic brackets



Max percentage of glycol
Standard working pressure
1,5÷2,5 bar
Maximum operating pressure
6 bar
Test pressure
8 bar
Temperature range
4÷70 °C
Manifold connection
1 1⁄4” F
Outlets connection
3/4" M Eurocono
Center distance
45 mm
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