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Onda Therm mixing unit for radiant systems contemplating the use of high water temperature from the primary circuit.


KOMPACT is the new mixing used  when the flow temperature from the heat source does or could exceed the design water temperature of the floor heating system; it’s also suitable for all the projects that combine underfloor heating (low  temperature fluid) with radiators (hight temperature fluid); in this case the unit is supplied with a special hight temperature manifold for radiators.

Temperature can be controlled by electronic actuator or by thermostatic valve with sensor on a three port valve.

There is a new adjustable bypass enabling the minimum flow rate requirement of any heat source.

Integralsystem consists of:

KOMPACT comes as standard with a complete set of thermometers, ball valves, safety thermostat and high efficiency electronic circulator Para 25-130/7-50/SC; when used in constant pressure mode, it’s provides constant flow rate through each individual circuit regardless of how many circuits are active.

It can be supplied with a special insulation that it’s recommended for cooling use during summer season.

The distribution to the radiant system can be done with all Onda Therm manifolds.

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