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42nd MCE Mostra Convegno Expocomfort: our story

MCE Mostra Convegno Expocomfort leads to optimism: the plumbing and heating sector is experiencing a positive moment, also highlighted by the data of the 8th CRESME Report.

The confirmation comes from the signals that emerged last June during the MCE forty-second edition; the event has become a reference for all operators in air conditioning, energy efficiency, renewable energy and plumbing: almost 1600 exhibitors and over ninety thousand visitors.

The turnout of foreign operators caught our attention in our booth. The occasion gave us the opportunity to present, after the pandemic period, some of our flagship items.

The most significant is probably F71, the first magnetic dirt separator on the market designed specifically for manifolds.

Compared to a traditional dirt separator, it has offset in-line connections such as to make it compatible with any type of collector on the market


The first manifold designed to connect fan coil units.

It has specific flow rates for fan coils and it’s compatible with the wide range of models on the market.


It’s a pressure gauge kit to be applied to any 3/4 fill /drain valve for an easier radiant system pressure testing.


The economic manifol for horizontal geothermal probes.

Unlike traditional manifolds, Geoflux is an economical device that comes with high-flow integrated flowmeters; it’s compatible with geothermal probes with a maximum diameter of 26 mm.

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