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Manifolds for fan coil system: how Fantherm works

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Not all manifolds used for fan coil systems are created for their intended use; they are often devices designed for other types of systems, such as underfloor heating systems or radiator systems.

Fantherm is an exception: it is the first manifold specifically designed to connect fan coil unit.

Fantherm: what features

The Fantherm manifold has specific flow rates for fan coils. It is compatible with the wide range of fan coils on the market.

It is made of polymeric material; this makes it impervious to corrosion and chemicals, consequently increasing its durability.

Manifold for fan coil system: what advantages Fantherm offers

- Possibility of thermostatting each individual unit directly on the manifold

- Interchangeability of components

- Abatement of critical issues arising from condensation

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