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Why choose a plastic manifold

The material which the Onda manifolds are made is a techno-polymer loaded with glass fibers selected for heating and cooling systems applications.

The advantages found thanks to the use of this particular composite material are:

- Very high rigidity (modulus of elasticity in traction up to 22 GPa at 23 ° C)

- Strong resistance to mechanical stress

- High bending stress (can reach 330 MPa at 23 ° C)

- Good dimensional stability that allows compliance with minimum tolerances

- High resistance to deformation

- Very low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (comparable to that of metals or metal alloys)

- Less than 1% deformation after 1000 hours with 50 MPa at 50 ° C (value much higher than that of most techno-polymers).

- Excellent surface finish

- Resistance to chemicals, UV rays, ozone ...

- Very low water recovery (much slower than other compounds such as PA66)

- Anti-condensation (detail that makes it mandatory to use a manifold with composite material in radiant systems that provide for summer cooling)

- Absolute unassailable from any corrosion (calcareous sediments…).

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