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Radiant panel systems: with MABO50, pressure testing becomes easier

No more awkward maneuvering. With MABO50, testing the radiant system for leaks becomes easier: simply attach the pressure gauge kit to the 3/4 fill/drain valve.

When the operation is finished, the kit can be removed and reused, without any drop in system pressure.

MABO50, how it is done

MABO50 is a 0/6 bar pressure gauge with 1/4" radial connection with Bourdon spring, 50 mm diameter ABS body, snap-on transparent, white background dial, black numbers and red pointer of max. It is equipped with a ¾” connection adaptable to all manifolds drain valves.

What are the advantages ?

- Compact size

- Quick installation

- Easy consultation

How much does it cost ?

A few euros of investment to solve a small inconvenience that any installer knows. In comparison with the cost of the system, this is a negligible expense; MABO50 is universal: it’s a tool that can also be used for subsequent installations.

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